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Client Testimonials

Susan Cameron.heic

Stephani is wildly intuitive and amazing with holding my hand and acting as a guide for me to reach deep within to search for my own answers. I always have such clarity after working with her on my next action steps to reach my goals. I feel very centered in my body when working together. She is truly remarkable! 

Susan Cameron

Diana Davis and Honey.jpg

If you are looking for effective coaching to encapsulate the process needed for moving forward in any area of your life, Stephani Pheffer is your mental architect!! She is my go-to coach personally and for all of my corporate clients. Stephani helped me launch my own business, Health Transformations in 1990 and it’s still going strong, and subsequently, I have utilized her for all of my Corporate and Fortune 500 wellness programs. She is the diamond of coaching.

Diana Davis, MEd, RDN, LDN, CFSP
30-year veteran in Functional Nutrition

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